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The Price of your Skin.

"The Price of your Skin", Pinton's first full length adventure in comic book format.

When Pinton the Pig rescued a lizard girl from two street thugs, he didn't suspect he was going to be sucked into a drug war between the organized crime and a race of reptilian aliens living in secret tunnels under the city's foundations...

40 pages. Full color.





Meat Market.

An uncharted planet inhabited by primitive but beautiful cat girls looked like the perfect businesses opportunity for a gang of slave traders. But hunters become the hunted when the girls take justice -and revenge- on their own claws.




"The Price of your Skin", Pinton's first full length comic book has been published in German language, thanks to the translation of Lars Peter Kronlob of SCHWARZ & MAGISCH magazine.

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Die Haut der Echsenfrau. Ein FUTUREPIG-Comic






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