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About me:

I'm Pavel Lujardo, creator of Futurepig. I was born in 1968 and started drawing comics around age 5.

I have sporadically worked as cartoonist and illustrator, but I don't consider myself a professional artist. I keep this page as a personal hobby for myself and for my friends.

I'm pretty much a traditional artist. I still draw with pencil and pens. In recent years I have embraced new technology, but I use the computer mostly to add color and text to my hand inked pages.

I didn't have a formal education in arts but I had many great teachers in my life in the form of artists who were kind to share their insight, advice and specially their friendship with me.

People keep telling me my drawing style is "retro". That is not intentional, I'm just kind of stuck in the 1980s.

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Despite being kind of a "comic artist" I don't watch cartoons or read comics (specially no superhero comics) In my youth my inspiration were the Metal Hurlant and Heavy Metal kind of comics and the old Mad magazine, I'm not familiar with the Marvel/DC stuff (except for what has been in the movies)

I watch very little TV so I may be totally oblivious to pop culture and current events.

I like reading books about many topics, especially archaeology. My other big hobby is ancient civilizations, mostly Ancient Egypt and Rome. I also have an interest in religions because they play a fascinating role in human life, but I don't profess faith in any particular one.

My favorite artists are Salvador Dalí, Moebius, H. R. Giger, Frank Frazetta, Syd Mead, Richard Corben and Mike Mignola.

Me and Dalí.

About my Comic:

Pinton the Pig is a character I created when I was a kid and I have continued to draw all my life.

The adventures of Pinton the Pig and his friends have existed on different media for 40 years now. First in school notebooks (where class notes should have been) later as hand-made books that passed around friends and relatives. For short time they were professionally published on different magazines (most of them now extinct) and now they have found a home on the Internet.

Futurepig is a personal project that is always evolving. I keep experimenting with new things which may or may not work. You may notice sudden changes in the page design and layout. I try to improve the quality of the comics and the web page and I rely on my reader's advice for that. If you have any suggestion or find errors in the site, please let me know. I'm grateful for every criticism that helps me improve. If you want to leave me comments or feedback, visit my Facebook group.