Futurepig is a comic strip that I have been writing and drawing as a hobby for more than 40 years.

I created the character Pinton the Pig when I was a kid and I have continued drawing his adventures all my life.

This comic has run uninterrupted across different media since the 1970s. First in school notebooks (where class notes should have been) later as hand-made comic books that passed around friends and relatives. For short time they were published in different magazines (most of them now extinct) and eventually found a home on the Internet.


I have sporadically worked as cartoonist and illustrator, but I don't consider myself a professional artist. I keep this page for the enjoyment of my friends and myself.

I'm pretty much a traditional artist. I still draw with pencil and pens. In recent years I have embraced digital technology, but I use the computer mostly to add color and text to my hand-inked pages.